I am pleased to share with you my new prospectus – and special prices – for my online mediation services in Employment & Workplace Mediation, and Health & Social Care Mediation.


Front cover of my prospectus

I’ve had fun putting this prospectus together – let me know what you think. As I mention in the prospectus, you are most welcome to book a time with me for a confidential chat about your needs.

It’s always better to nip disagreements in the bud early rather than let them fester

I once asked an audience question of an eminent employment lawyer who had just given a talk at a conference on the workplace and mental health. I asked him enthusiastically, “Can you talk a bit about how workplace mediation can support the mental health of colleagues?” To my sadness he answered, “Well hopefully, if the lawyers do their job, the situation won’t get so bad you need mediation!” I was saddened because this well-meaning answer marked a misunderstanding of the purpose and potential of mediation. Yes, you can definitely mediate once your lawyers are involved – and even once an employment tribunal has taken place! But in essence, mediation facilitates conversations in difficult circumstances – and the earlier the better in terms of getting the best outcome for all.


Best wishes to you,


Who is Arabella Tresilian?

Arabella Tresilian MAHons PGDipEd is an independent CEDR-Accredited Mediator, with a cross-sector background in management consultancy and organisation development. She specialises in facilitating resolutions in health, social care and the workplace, to prevent disputes being decided in court. Known for her expertise in mental health and neurodiversity. 

  • Mediator accredited by OCN (2016) and the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (2017) 
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management, University of Bath
  • Registered with the UK’s Civil Mediation Council via the Association of South West Mediators
  • Associate, Medical Mediation Foundation 
  • Associate, Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR Skills)
  • Associate, St John Ambulance (Training and Enterprise) 
  • Instructor of Mental Health First Aid, MHFA England
  • Speaker/Featured by: ITN News, Sky News, BBC Radio 4’s Inside Health, The Kings Fund, BMJ Awards, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Elder Mediation World Summit, Financial Times, Psychologies Magazine, NHS England, Good Housekeeping, The Sun
  • Charities working with include: Bath Mind, Resolve West, End of Life Doula UK
  • Fully insured with DBS clearance. Fluent in Spanish and available to work internationally.