Court of Protection mediation

As a specialist health and social care mediator I am known for my work and experience in undertaking Court of Protection mediations.

I bring a calm, compassionate and encouraging approach to parties, and ensure that the person at the centre of the case is kept at the heart of the Court of Protection mediation.

I am particularly experienced in facilitating the involvement and participation in the case of people who may lack capacity to make certain decisions, so that their voice, feelings, needs and wishes can be expressed and heard.

I work alongside individuals, families, carers, social workers, care providers, local authorities, legal representatives and the Official Solicitor to assist parties to agree mutually-acceptable resolutions to cases that are or have been in court proceedings. Topics may include:

  • care planning
  • contact and visitation
  • communication between family and professionals
  • notice to withdraw provision of care
  • LPAs
  • capacity assessments
  • best interests decisions
  • change of residency
  • discharge planning
  • financial matters
  • health and wellbeing of the cared-for person
  • educational and developmental activities
  • training of staff / family

My experience in Court of Protection mediation:

Court of Protection – selected case overviews Commissioned by
Court of Protection mediation: a court-directed mediation to resolve issues between a care provider, social worker and the family of a cared-for young person, over contact, communication and care planning. Notice to withdraw care was rescinded as a result of the mediation process. Local Authority, Irwin Mitchell LLP, Browne Jacobson Solicitors, OS/Star Legal
Court of Protection mediation: a mediation directed by the court, to repair relations between a local authority, ICB, care provider and the family of a young adult receiving care, with an emphasis on agreeing targets for delivery of care, OT and developmental interventions.  Local authority / Hill Dickinson LLP  / Irwin Mitchell LLP / Moore & Tibbits
Court of Protection mediation: regarding a breakdown in the relationship between the professional team and family of a cared-for adult with learning disabilities. The Court of Protection asked the parties to mediate and create a Statement of Agreement about their future working relationship, which they successfully achieved. Local Authority / Cartwright King Solicitors / Irwin Mitchell LLP
Court of Protection mediation: a court-agreed mediation concerning the care planning, residence and finances of a young person with a learning disability. A multi-party dispute on Mental Capacity Act matters and on the future working relationship of attorneys, care providers and the local authority, involving the input of the Official Solicitor.  39 Essex Chambers / Invicta Law / Doughty Street Chambers / Burke Niazi Solicitors / Serjeant’s Inn 
Court of Protection mediation: a court-ordered mediation concerning the care of a person living with dementia, involving the local authority, P’s legal representative, and the family members and their legal representatives. A care plan, with a timeline for change of residency, was agreed.  Local Authority / Conroys Solicitors
Court of Protection mediation: a ‘pre-legal proceedings’ mediation between family members in disagreement over Covid-safe visitation protocols for a relative living with dementia.  Family
Court of Protection mediation: the court-ordered mediation of a dispute between a local authority and paid carers on the future care of a young adult with learning disabilities (including autism) and mental health difficulties. Working relationship restored, and P’s care plan agreed upon.  Ashfords LLP / Local Authority / Adult Care Mediation