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Conflict Management Services

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Welcome to Arabella Tresilian Mediation’s Conflict Management Services 

Navigating conflicts in various spheres of life can be challenging, but with the right guidance and support, resolution is often possible. I offer a range of comprehensive services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking resolution in healthcare, employment, civil matters, or community disputes, I’m here to facilitate constructive dialogue and find mutually beneficial solutions. 

From mediation and facilitation to negotiation coaching and consultancy, my experience spans across diverse areas, ensuring you receive the assistance necessary to address conflicts effectively. 

Explore my services below to learn more about how I can assist you in overcoming obstacles and fostering positive outcomes.

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Mediation & Dispute Resolution Services

In my mediation sessions, I provide a neutral and confidential environment where parties can voice their concerns and work towards finding mutually-acceptable resolutions to the most sensitive of disputes. Specialising in healthcare and public law, employment and workplace issues, civil and commercial disputes, as well as community conflicts, I use a mediation process that promotes open communication and empowers participants to reach agreements that are fair and sustainable. Experienced in:

  • Healthcare & Public Law Mediation
  • Employment & Workplace Mediation 
  • Civil & Commercial Mediation
  • Community Mediation 
  • Interpersonal Mediation 
  • Intergenerational / Elder mediation

What does mediation offer that is different from going to court/tribunal or other formal processes?

  • A confidential and private process 
  • The agreement by parties of a mutually-acceptable outcome
  • A neutral and impartial negotiation facilitator
  • An earlier resolution than court may be able to offer
  • A self-determined resolution
  • Coaching in communication for successful negotiation 
  • Finding consensus and a way forward 
  • The psychological safety of dialogue space held by an experienced mediator 
  • A flexible, party-led process, involving private and joint meetings
  • Space to restore trust and repair relationships if desired
  • Avoiding court costs
  • Avoiding or ending the distress and broken relationships of court or tribunal
  • Parties are encouraged to invite their legal reps to the mediation to assist with settlement 


The key tenets of mediation are: 

  • Confidential – nothing said in meetings may be disclosed by the mediator or parties to anyone else
  • Impartially facilitated – the mediator is equally committed to the wellbeing of both/all parties
  • Voluntary – starting and stopping the process is completely in the parties’ hands
  • Self-determined – the mediator doesn’t arbitrate/advise but rather facilitates a negotiation process to help the parties agree mutually-acceptable outcomes. 

What do you help me, my client or team to do?

  • Resolve disagreements – from complaints to grievances, broken colleague relationships to tribunals, interpersonal disagreements to court proceedings, I am equipped to support you to find confidential resolutions to the knottiest of disputes
  • Relate better – advanced communication fosters enhanced collaboration, and I have tools to boost your creative team-working, whether 1:1, as a care-giving team, or alongside your clients, patients, customers or colleagues
  • Repair relationships – acknowledging the impact and root of past actions, or taking account of our role in a difficult situation, can allow for trust to be rebuilt again, and future-focussed agreements to be put in place.
  • Restore wellbeing – resolving disagreements and relating better with others is good for our health.  I am a former workplace Mental Health First Aider instructor and trainer for Mind, so psychological wellbeing is at the heart of my work.

What’s the difference between ‘Workplace Mediation/Facilitation’ and ‘Employment Mediation’? 

Employment Mediation would normally be appropriate when the employment relationship is at an end and a dispute exists between the employee and the employer; whereas Workplace Mediation/Facilitation takes place when conflict has developed between two or more employees and the employment relationship is likely to continue. I can discuss this with you, and your legal representatives and/or HR team where appropriate,  to work out the best approach. I was trained in Employment and Workplace Mediation by, and am a trainer for, CEDR. Find out more with the CEDR Guide to Workplace Mediation: CEDR’s Guide to Workplace Mediation 2021.pdf 


What to know more about my dispute mediation expertise? Ask me for my ‘Mediator Profile’.


Facilitation Services

Facilitation goes beyond mediation to guide groups through complex discussions and decision-making processes. Whether it’s facilitating team meetings, community dialogues, or organisational workshops, my facilitation services aim to foster collaboration, creativity, and consensus-building. By creating a supportive atmosphere and employing proven facilitation techniques, I help groups navigate challenges and achieve their objectives effectively.

  • Guiding groups through complex discussions and decisions with expertise
  • Fostering collaboration, creativity, and consensus-building dynamics
  • Employing proven facilitation techniques for effective achievement of objectives


Negotiation Services

Unlock the potential for successful agreements with my negotiation assistance service. Whether it’s settling disputes, closing deals, or reaching mutually beneficial arrangements, I am dedicated to ensuring that the parties achieve optimal outcomes. With personalised coaching sessions tailored to each individual’s needs and objectives, I empower clients to enhance their communication skills, manage conflicts effectively, and ultimately secure agreements that align with their goals. Let me be your trusted partner on the journey to achieving successful negotiations.

  • Expert guidance, for one or all parties, in achieving successful agreements
  • Personalised coaching tailored to individual needs and objectives
  • Empowerment to enhance communication skills and manage conflicts effectively


Coaching Services: for conflict management, negotiation and communication support

Effective conflict resolution and communication require ongoing development and refinement of skills. My 1:1 conflict, negotiation, and communication coaching offer personalised guidance to individuals seeking to enhance their conflict resolution skills. Whether you’re facing interpersonal challenges in the workplace or looking to improve your negotiation techniques, my coaching sessions provide practical insights and strategies to help you navigate conflicts with confidence.

  • Personalised guidance for enhancing conflict resolution skills
  • Practical insights and strategies for improving negotiation techniques
  • Confidence-building support for navigating conflicts effectively


What is Conflict & Communication Coaching?


Conflict/Communication coaching is a one-on-one process that develops the individual’s skill at handling conflict, or supports the client in working through a particularly difficult or complex conflict. We recommend coaching in the following circumstances: 


  • Where only one party is willing or able to mediate
  • To work through the repercussions of a past conflict 
  • To build skills at constructively resolving a current conflict
  • To prepare for a challenging conversation 
  • To understand our own conflict style – and learn new approaches
  • Improving a significant relationship that is damaged by on-going conflict
  • Strategically managing organisational change
  • Before, during and/or after mediation 

What’s the difference between Mediation and Conflict & Communication Coaching? 

Mediation  Conflict & Communication Coaching 
  • 2+ parties 
  • Goal: Resolve and plan for the future
  • Mediator’s role: Facilitate process while also coaching parties in 1:1s
  • Benefits: Opportunity for both parties to hear each other’s perspective and collaborate on planning a positive future 
  • A mix of 1:1s with the mediator, and facilitated joint meetings, in-person and/or on Zoom
  • Single party
  • Goal: Strategies to respond to the situation
  • Mediator’s role: Coach and supporting; sharing tools where appropriate
  • Benefits: Empowering space for individuals to learn new approaches they can use themselves, and transfer across their life
  • 3-8 sessions of 60-90 mins each, generally on Zoom only.

Training: Prevent & Resolve Conflict in your Organisation

Unlock the potential of your team with my Prevent & Resolve Conflict training, designed to equip you, your team, or your clients with essential tools for resolving disputes, fostering better relationships, and restoring wellbeing. 


Course Details

  • Title: Prevent & Resolve Conflict: How to dialogue with tools from the mediator’s toolkit
  • Duration Options: 
    • 90-Minute Toolkit Seminar: Lecture-style session with audience participation
    • 3-Hour Toolkit Seminar + Bespoke Workshop: Fully interactive; tailored to your delegates
  • Location Options: Online or Face-to-Face
  • Trainer: Arabella Tresilian – Civil Mediation Council Registered Mediator


Learning outcomes

  • Enhanced conflict resolution skills for a harmonious work or service environment
  • Improved communication strategies for mitigating misunderstandings
  • Practical tools for creating assertive and collaborative dialogues
  • Negotiation techniques for achieving mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Supportive learning environment fostering personal and professional growth


Ideal for: Previous training clients include:
  • Senior Leadership Teams
  • HR Professionals
  • Managers
  • Frontline Staff
  • Teams
  • Health & Social Care Professionals
  • Students
  • New / Early Career Employees
  • Community Associations
  • Cohousing Groups
  • Age UK
  • Bath & NES Council
  • LoveHoney
  • Norland College 
  • Oxford Brookes University 
  • Rampton Secure Hospital 
  • Royal United Hospital NHS FT
  • Royds Withy King LLP
  • Truespeed
  • Virgin Care


Client Testimonials

  • “Arabella is engaging, authentic, and compassionate, conveying the material clearly.” Manager, Bath Spa University
  • “Arabella really knows how to get everyone involved and engaged.” Student (Newly Qualified Professional)
  • “Fantastic training, expertly delivered in a gentle and informative, safe way.” Mental Health Support Worker, Bath Mind


 Transform your workplace dynamics. Find my Training Brochure here and contact me for a quote.


Consultancy service for conflict and changement management

Navigating complex conflicts and organisational change can be daunting without the right expertise. With my consultancy services in conflict and change management, organisations gain access to tailored solutions designed to address their unique challenges effectively. From developing conflict resolution policies to designing organisational interventions and managing transitions, my consultancy services provide practical guidance and support every step of the way. By leveraging strategic insight and expertise, I empower organisations to navigate change with confidence and achieve their desired outcomes seamlessly. Key benefits and selling points include:

  • Tailored solutions: Customised approaches to address specific organisational challenges.
  • Expert guidance: Access to strategic insight and expertise to navigate complex conflicts and transitions.
  • Practical support: Hands-on assistance throughout the process, ensuring implementation success and sustainable change


Client testimonials for Arabella Tresilian Mediation


Workplaces & HR Charities Education & Higher Ed
“Arabella was supportive and understanding, listening with patience. She gave me the confidence to express my ideas in our meeting and I found the process to be productive, focussed and extremely helpful. Working with Arabella has improved my working relationships and I am happier and more settled in the workplace.” Employee, workplace mediation  If Arabella could clone herself and send us a copy! Many thanks – a job very well done. Trustee – Board dispute

“I found the whole experience incredibly professional and enlightening. I felt supported by you the whole time. All the work you’ve done with us has given immense clarity.” Financial Director, board dispute mediation

“I highly recommend working with Arabella on team development. Arabella’s warmth and understanding attitude creates an environment where you feel that you can share anything without judgement.” Employee, Workplace Mediation
Healthcare & NHS Legal  Social Care 
“Mediation feels quite daunting, scary and uneasy initially, but after some time of being with Arabella and my colleagues and passing ideas around, you feel much more at ease and start to gain valuable ideas and get somewhere.” Patient (Judicial Review Mediation)

“Arabella was an excellent mediator helping us navigate our way through an initial period of a new team structure.”  Service Manager

“Thank you very much Arabella for all your hard work over the last few months… You helped us to find a new perspective on this extremely complex dispute.” Public law solicitor, Judicial Review mediation

“Thank you very much for your help – we found it very useful.” Solicitor (Public Law), Judicial Review Mediation

“Mediation is something we never considered. Once there you made us feel safe. The structure of the day gave everyone an opportunity to speak openly but knowing you were there gave us a safe place to do this and not be judged. Thank you once again for enabling us to be listened to and to listen to others.” Foster Carers (Court of Protection Mediation)
Police & Law Enforcement Local Government & Civil Service  Mediation providers 
“I feel a lot more confident to deal with things as they come up now in a calm manner. Thanks for your support – it has made a difference to me and my family.” Social housing tenant, Police referred anti-social behaviour mediation “Time and space to reflect. Support during reflection. An enjoyable experience in a fun and creative atmosphere. You created a supportive and safe atmosphere where I felt able to express any fears and concerns, and you were great at enabling me to work through thought-processes and reach outcomes.”  Manager, Local government mediation “Thanks a million for your assistance. It was wonderful to have your support with the technical side, emotional support for particular parties and especially for your tenacity in drafting  the agreement.” Mediator, on assistance provided for a Court of Protection mediation


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