Charity dispute

Effectively resolving disagreements about health, care and wellbeing

in hospitals, communities and workplaces across the UK

My mission as a mediator is to help people find peaceable resolutions to challenging interpersonal dynamics.

  • Resolve disagreements – from complaints to grievances, broken colleague relationships to tribunals, interpersonal disagreements to court proceedings, I am equipped to support you to find confidential resolutions to the knottiest of disputes
  • Relate better – advanced communication fosters enhanced collaboration, and I have tools to boost your creative team-working, whether 1:1, as a care-giving team, or alongside your clients, patients, customers or colleagues
  • Repair relationships – acknowledging the impact and root of past actions, or taking account of our role in a difficult situation, can allow for trust to be rebuilt again, and future-focussed agreements to be put in place.
  • Restore wellbeing – resolving disagreements and relating better with others is good for our health.  I am a former workplace Mental Health First Aider instructor and trainer for Mind, so psychological wellbeing is at the heart of my work.

Going to court, legal proceedings, employment tribunals – it can all be costly and distressing for everyone involved, and the ultimate outcome is out of your hands and in the public domain. Mediation is an alternative option for resolving disputes and conflicts. As a fully-accredited and insured mediator in civil, commercial, employment and workplace mediation, I help individuals and organisations navigate their way to a mutually-agreed, confidential settlement or future-working arrangement. So get in touch with me to see how efficiently and effectively I can help you get on with your life again.

Interpersonal Mediation

Mediated conversations & supportive 1:1 coaching to resolve a complex situation between 2+ parties

Conflict Coaching

Helping one person/party to work through a specific challenge

Team Facilitation

Bespoke workshops, to recalibrate team dynamics and enhance collaboration


Seminars in conflict resolution, communication, mental health, disability & employability

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