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Independent Mediator facilitating dispute resolution and employee wellbeing in health, social care and the workplace

“I help dedicated professionals resolve distressing disputes and disagreements using my safe, confidential resolution process, so that parties can get on with their lives and flourish again.” Arabella Tresilian

Going to court, legal proceedings, employment tribunals – it can all be costly and distressing for everyone involved, and the ultimate outcome is out of your hands and in the public domain. Mediation is an alternative option for resolving disputes and conflicts. As a fully-accredited and insured mediator in civil, commercial, employment and workplace mediation, I help individuals and organisations navigate their way to a mutually-agreed, confidential settlement or future-working arrangement. So get in touch with me to see how efficiently and effectively I can help you get on with your life again.

I offer conflict and dispute resolution via:


Conflict or dispute resolution between two parties

Conflict Coaching

Helping one person/party to work through a specific challenge

Dialogue Facilitation

Mediated conversations & supportive 1:1 coaching to resolve a complex situation between 2+ parties


Seminars in conflict resolution, communication, mental health, disability & employability

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Find out more about the mediation and conflict coaching services I offer and discuss your needs in confidence with me via telephone or Skype.

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