Workplace Mediation Conversion Course, London, 18th July 2024

📣 Calling accredited mediators 📣 : On the 18th July 2024, from 9am-5pm, in London, I will be co-delivering a Workplace Mediation Conversion course for accredited civil and commercial mediators, with Felicity Steadman, at the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR).

If you already have mediator accreditation, this CMC-recognised, certificated course enables you to go on to market yourself with the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) as a workplace mediator.

It’s an excellent interactive course, designed by the expert Felicity Steadman, ideal for civil and commercial mediators looking to access new markets – or for current workplace mediators seeking to sharpen their skills with high-quality CPD.

Felicity and I have run this Workplace Mediation Conversion course various times – and it is such a wonderful day. The feedback is always excellent, and it presents great value for mediators who wish to open up a whole new avenue of their practice.

There’s plenty of pre-course support along with a full day of face-to-face learning – so you will leave the Workplace Mediation Conversion course well-equipped to translate your current mediation skills across to helping colleagues repair their relationships, and restore collaborative team dynamics, in the workplace.

Why is workplace mediation such an important offering for mediators?

Resolving colleague conflict is a skill that takes empathy and compassion, and can be deeply rewarding, as you are generally helping rebuild trust and understanding between coworkers, for their future collaboration. The global workforce has been through significant pressure in recent years, and workplace mediation allows colleagues to clear the air, express their feelings and needs, and recalibrate their relationships. It also allows vital issues of diversity, equality and inclusion to be explored with sensitivity and psychological safety. Management, communication and HR matters can be addressed and balanced, providing relief and reassurance for all involved.

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We hope you can join us on the 18th July. More information and booking here:

Workplace Mediation Conversion | London | 18 July 2024

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