Whatever next? – May 2017 update

Originally posted on the magic jug:
It seems that much of what I’ve written this month is about the choices we make.  LISTEN So much listening to do this month, what with local (mayoral) elections and the General Election next month.  Not to mention the French presidential election.  Many people felt that ‘Brenda from Bristol‘ got it just about right.  (“What, another one?”). Still, we were honoured to be involved in an initiative led by Brendan Cox, widowed husband of the MP Jo Cox who was murdered almost a year ago during the campaign leading up to the referendum.  He asked… Continue reading Whatever next? – May 2017 update

Spiritual unfurling

David is a person who greatly influenced my own spiritual unfurling. I am so pleased to see he has written his story – it’s exceptionally beautiful. A little before I was born, my parents were living in London, although they soon moved away to a genial bungalow on the outskirts of Sevenoaks in Kent. For a child it was a beautiful setting of woods to explore, herds of fallow deer, an old sand quarry where we would tunnel, slide and play, […] via David Merrick — UK Baha’i Histories Continue reading Spiritual unfurling