#AskAMediator☝️| You’re in a difficult conversation. How can you use assertiveness and confidence to manage it?

Assertiveness and confidence is sometimes as ‘simple’ (and as elusive) as asking for what we want.

When matters are difficult to discuss, we can end up endlessly describing the problem (telling them what we don’t want) instead of suggesting solutions (telling them what we do want).

When we are being problem-focussed we are sometimes hoping that the other person will psychically glean what it is that we are hoping for!

However, if we can be bold enough to share our solutions, hopes and requests with the other person, and give them time to think about it, we will often find that either a) they are open to our proposal or b) they say no, but we get to understand their position better as a result.

On the flipside of every problem is a clue to its solution – start there, and it could just bring you a whole new level of assertiveness and confidence.

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