#AskAMediator: “How can I best prepare to take part in a workplace mediation with my colleague?”


Embarking on a journey of preparing for workplace mediation with a colleague may feel like stepping into the unknown, but with thoughtful preparation and a positive mindset, you can turn conflict into an opportunity for growth and understanding. Let’s explore five top tips to ensure you’re well-prepared for a successful workplace mediation.


Top tips for preparing for Workplace Mediation:

Clarify Your Goals:

    • Define Your Objectives: Clearly outline what you hope to achieve through mediation. Is it improved communication, understanding each other’s perspectives, or finding a mutually agreeable solution? Knowing your goals will guide the mediation process.


Come with an Open Mind:

    • Be Willing to Listen: Approach the mediation with a genuine willingness to listen to your colleague’s viewpoint. Keep an open mind, as this sets the stage for constructive dialogue.
    • Consider Multiple Perspectives: Understand that there may be facets of the conflict that you haven’t considered. Embrace the opportunity to broaden your understanding of the situation.


Prepare Key Points:

    • Identify Specific Issues: List the specific issues or concerns you’d like to address during the mediation. This will help keep the conversation focused and productive.
    • Express Your Feelings Clearly: Articulate how the conflict has affected you emotionally. Use “I” statements to express your feelings, fostering a non-confrontational atmosphere.


Stay Calm and Collected:

    • Practice Self-Regulation: In the heat of the moment, emotions can run high. Practice techniques for staying calm, such as deep breathing or taking a short break if needed. A composed demeanor enhances the effectiveness of the mediation process.
    • Choose Your Words Thoughtfully: Be mindful of your language. Use words that convey your thoughts without escalating tension. Remember, the goal is resolution, not assigning blame.


Commit to the Process:

    • Stay Committed to Resolution: Acknowledge that mediation is a process, and resolution may not happen overnight. Commit to seeing the process through and actively participating in finding common ground.
    • Be Open to Compromise: Recognize that finding a middle ground may require compromise. Be flexible in your approach, keeping in mind the overarching goal of restoring harmony in the workplace.


Approaching workplace mediation with preparation and a positive attitude sets the stage for a successful resolution. By clarifying goals, fostering an open mind, preparing key points, maintaining composure, and committing to the process, you pave the way for constructive dialogue and understanding. Remember, you’re not just resolving a conflict; you’re building a foundation for healthier workplace relationships. 

Arabella standing in a small office with a table and three chairs, before a workplace mediation begins.

Ready for a workplace mediation to begin


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