I’m really delighted to tell you about my new workshop: Mindfulness for Developers.

The developer’s brain works hard. Billions of neurons hyperwire to enable the coder to think multidimensionally for hours a day, under complex deadlines, day after day. An understanding of what keeps the brain/mind fresh makes for a more fulfilling and productive career. This interactive and practical course gives participants an overview of neuropsychology for the coding mind, and presents them with go-to tools for keeping their workplace brain-state healthy, calm and balanced.

After this half-day course, delegates will be able to say:

  • “I know how my brain/mind functions and performs under pressure.”
  • “I understand the challenges my brain/mind may encounter in developing.”
  • “I have acquired a range of practical concepts about mental self-care for developers.”
  • “I have experienced the benefits of mindfulness for myself.”
  • “I have access to a toolkit of practices and platforms that I can use to support my wellbeing as a developer.”

The Mindfulness for Developers course is interactive and involves learning about:

Neuropsychology for developers:

  • How your brain functions in the coding zone
  • The amygdala: the rollercoaster of good/bad stress
  • Stepping into the parasympathetic brain
  • Prompt / Travis Foundation: Mental Health & Tech

The brain/mind and the development industry – challenges & opportunities:

  • Self-confidence, imposter syndrome and self-objectification
  • Interpersonal communication and your brain
  • Managers: getting to know your seagulls from your squirrels
  • Burnout (when the brain needs to stop) and how to preempt it (refs)

Tools for a balanced brain under pressure:

  • Mental Self-Care for developers – top guidelines
  • Mindfulness for Developers – introduction to Headspace and other brain-calming tools
  • Five Ways to Mental Wellbeing – workplace-based practices to destress
  • Wellness Action Plans – when the pressure gets too much, a routemap back
  • Talk with other developers and learn from them – OSMI Forum

‘Mindfulness for Developers’ Course Tutor: Arabella Tresilian (MAHons PGDipEd)

Arabella is an accredited mediator (workplace dispute resolution) and trainer specialising in improving workplace relations and wellbeing. She is an Associate Trainer (Workplace Wellbeing) to the charity Mind,  an Improvement Coach with the Health Foundation, a Public & Patient Involvement Adviser to the National Institute of Health Research, and an Associate to the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution. Originally the founder of a mental health specialist theatre company, she has over 20 years experience as a consultant and trainer to the health and education sectors. She is an experienced conference speaker and has trained delegates in India, Spain and across the UK. She is based in the tech hub of Bath and half her family are brilliant coders.

Enquiries: Contact Arabella on 07769 774671 or arabella@arabellatresilian.com. I deliver training at your venue, or in Bath at The Guild Coworking Hub.

DOWNLOAD the ‘Mindfulness for Developers’ Course Info here: Mindfulness for Developers 2018

I also offer broader Mental Health in the Workplace training: info here