Healthy Dialogues - Tips and Tools from the Mediator's Toolbox

It’s a tough time at the moment and in our current circumstances, it’s easy for interpersonal disagreements to take on a life of their own. In this new blog series, I will be sharing tips and tools on having ‘healthy dialogues’.

Whether you are

  • directly affected by health challenges or
  • a key worker supporting the nation’s functioning (for which, thank you, from the heart of my being) or
  • facing the loss of your livelihood and income or
  • struggling with self-isolation or getting on with your household or
  • trying to work from home…

This is going to be a time when we want to put old conflicts to rest, and to resolves new ones fast.

Working together and collaborating effectively, whether as families, households, coworkers or services, is the challenge and the opportunity in this time.

In this series of blog posts I will share tips and tools on how to have those healthy dialogues with which you can resolve disagreements and get on with life again. It’s about using our voice clearly to ask for what we want and need, and being in a space to hear what someone else might want and need too.

‘Difficult conversations’ are not fun or easy to embark on, but putting them off can be far worse. Often years can pass with a situation in painful limbo, which ends up taking a toll on our relationships and wellbeing.

It’s truly amazing how much can be resolved by having a healthy dialogue

These tips and tools will give you practical advice on how use ‘difficult conversations’ to create fresh new starts – or clean, clear endings. Either way, you will feel better for having cleared the air with a healthy dialogue.

Look out for posts on topics such as:

  • Mindfulness and conflict management
  • Workplace and employment conflicts
  • Tenant/landlords disputes
  • Social care decisions
  • Talking about matters of life and death
  • Communicating well with your healthcare professionals

Any other topics you’d like – just let me know.

Take care and stay well.

Arabella x