I am aware that many people, especially Covid-19 Key Workers, may be facing critically difficult situations as we all go through this time together. As such I’d like to help where I can by opening up some free online mediation sessions to Covid-19 Key Workers. The sessions of up to 3 hours of free online mediation are for individuals who are experiencing urgent/disruptive disputes, either at work (eg employers or coworkers) or in their personal lives (eg landlords, childcare provision, financial, end of life planning concerns, LPAs, social care for relatives).

My aim is to facilitate conversations to help people find straight-forward resolutions swiftly, in order to reduce unnecessary stresses on those working so hard to support the community at this difficult time. I am able to undertake brief two-party mediations or offer single-party conflict coaching. Subject to availability, priority of need and my insurance terms. If I’m not the right person for the case, I’ll try and find a mediator colleague willing to help. I’ll keep this offer open for requests until Friday 3rd April initially and see how it goes.

Contact me here, if you’d like to start a conversation about free online mediation, and I will help where I can.