Are you an accredited mediator practising in commercial, community, civil, family or employment mediation? Interested in adding ‘Workplace Mediation’ to your portfolio of services? Sign up for the brand new CEDR Workplace Mediation Conversion Course on the 2nd May 2019 in Bristol, where I will be one of the trainers.


I’m absolutely thrilled to announce this brand new CEDR course which I’ve helped to develop, and will be delivering with the expert mediator and trainer, Felicity Steadman, on the 2nd May 2019 in Bristol. You will come away with 8 hours of CPD recognised by the Civil Mediation Council and Certificate of training issued by CEDR to add to your Mediator CV. Thanks to Tony Hughes and my other colleagues at the Association of South West Mediators for their vision for this course. And thank you to Felicity Steadman, Joachim Müller, Caroline Reynolds and Susanne Schuler at CEDR for bringing it to fruition. What an exciting development opportunity this is, for practising mediators of all backgrounds. Limited places so do sign up now if you’re interested. Here’s the information you need, or read it on CEDR’s website here

CEDR Workplace Mediation Conversion Course

Are you a mediator who wants to develop your confidence to resolve workplace conflict? Have you ever felt the complexity of workplace conflicts prevented you from offering your services in this sector?

As mediators, we often feel confined to our area of expertise: commercial, community, family, in-house, employment, etc.

The mediation skills we use are similar. The difference lies in the way we approach the mediation process.

CEDR believes that our society needs more skilled workplace mediators to bring their expertise to organisations and the conflict that inevitably arises in the workplace between individuals and within teams. We have designed a one-day certification to introduce you to the specificities of workplace mediation, and how you can manage the process in a constructive and confident manner.

Why develop workplace mediation skills with the CEDR Workplace Mediation Conversion Course?

Workplace conflict can ravage a well-established organisation, distracting and distressing otherwise strong and efficient employees and management teams. Using mediation to address these situations can have a huge impact not only to employee relations and wellbeing, but ultimately to an organisation’s bottom line. Instead of skilled and valued employees leaving an organisation and possibly issuing Employment Tribunal claims against the organisation, conversations can take place in the safety of a mediation process to restore and maintain working relationships.

Being armed with the right approach to tackle these high-emotion and often multi-party cases can give mediators an edge and the right methodology to support organisations in their times of trouble.

If you would like to mediate in this field, and put your expertise to work in the service of employee and organisational well-being, this course is make for you.


What you will take away from the CEDR Workplace Mediation Conversion Course?

In this programme you will learn:

– About the different levels at which conflict can manifest in organisations and where workplace mediation fits

– The difference between workplace mediation and mediation in other sectors, particularly employment mediation

– Consolidate your understanding of the phases of mediation

– Consider the benefits of workplace mediation, the circumstances favouring its use and well as the issues suitable for workplace mediation

– Learn the steps in a typical  workplace mediation process

– Using private and joint meetings to your advantage

– Mediating team and multi-party conflicts

– Marketing yourself as a workplace mediator

In this programme you will watch experienced mediators demonstrating the process and you will practice the process, receiving coaching as you do so. We have written to the CMC about the CPD and await confirmation.

The course will entitle you to:

– 8 hours CPD recognised by the Civil Mediation Council

– A Certificate of training issues by CEDR to add to your Mediator CV

Who should attend the CEDR Workplace Mediation Conversion Course?

This course has been designed for accredited mediators practising in the fields of:

– Civil and commercial mediation

– Community mediation

– Family mediation

– Employment mediation

In order to attend this course, you must have been previously trained as a mediator, and have practised as one.

The CEDR Accreditation is not necessary to take part in this programme.


The cost of the CEDR Workplace Mediation Conversion Course
£ 525.00 plus 20% UK VAT (if based in the UK) for all participants

Thursday 2 May 2019.

Location: Bristol
Address: Central Bristol – TBC

For more information or to book a place on the CEDR Workplace Mediation Conversion Course:
Please contact me or contact the CEDR training team on +44(0)20 7536 6000, email or use our secure server to book online.