Links & Resources

What is mediation?

Best practice guidance notes from CEDR:

Best practice guidance from CEDR’s leading mediators (videos):

Preparing for a mediation

Arabella’s mediation engagement form – letting me know about your case

Medical Mediation Foundation’s guide to preparing for a mediation

Arabella’s Resolution Meeting Pre-Questionnaire [NVC]

Using needs-based communication with the NVC Process

NVC feelings and needs inventory

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing

The Stress Container – use this exercise for stress management and coping

Five Ways to Wellbeing: audit and prioritise your self-care

Tools and Resources for Mediators

What mediators need to know about mental health and wellbeing by Arabella Tresilian 

We Rise Toolkit – tools for developing dialogue

A few of Arabella’s Favourite Books on Conflict Resolution and Communication