Links & Resources on Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Recommended links and resources to support you through the conflict resolution process – with resources for mediators too

What is mediation?

Best practice guidance notes from CEDR:

Best practice guidance from CEDR’s leading mediators (videos):

CEDR’s Guide to Workplace Mediation:

Want to understand how mediation can help resolve disputes in health and social care, including in the arena of Judicial Review or the Court of Protection? Arabella and award-winning solicitor Heledd Wyn discuss all things ‘health and social care’ and dispute resolution:


Preparing for a mediation

Arabella’s mediation engagement form – letting me know about your case

Medical Mediation Foundation’s guide to preparing for a mediation

Arabella’s Resolution Meeting Pre-Questionnaire [NVC]

Using needs-based communication with the NVC Process

NVC feelings and needs inventory

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing while during the conflict resolution process

The Stress Container – use this exercise for stress management and coping

Five Ways to Wellbeing: audit and prioritise your self-care

Diversity, Inclusion and Psychological Safety

High-Performing Teams Need Psychological Safety. Here’s How to Create It by Laura Delizonna

A meditation to support coming to terms with, and learning about, our conflict experience

Tools and Resources for Mediators

What mediators need to know about mental health and wellbeing by Arabella Tresilian 

We Rise Toolkit – tools for developing dialogue

A few of Arabella’s Favourite Books on Conflict Resolution and Communication