Mediation & Conflict Coaching case studies

Here are brief descriptions of some cases undertaken:

  • Neighbours in mutual dispute over noise levels, use of intervening fence and interpersonal communications. Housing association referred; police involved. Shuttle mediation postponed after violence broke out. Conflict coaching led to reduction in police involvement.
  • Noise complaint and aggravated communications between neighbours, resolved via conflict coaching over 3 months and a Joint Meeting.
  • Workplace dispute following breakdown of relations – conflict coaching with both parties.
  • Two year conflict involving over 200 combined police callouts, resolved by conflict coaching and a joint mediation meeting.
  • Police referral for conflict coaching and mediation for a year-long manifestation of angry relations between two neighbours.
  • Community land use contested by local residents and leading to dispute with community association. Worked with residents to prepare for mediation day.
  • Intergenerational later life care planning via dialogue facilitation.
  • Conflict coaching for a person with severe mental health conditions, experiencing noise and aggression from a neighbour.
  • Noise and anti-social behaviour complaint, involving one party with significant mental health difficulties and neighbour. Agencies involved included police (many officers), anti-racism agency and ASB team.